Quality Policy of Active Fine Chemicals LTD.

We at Active Fine Chemicals Limited, commit ourselves to the continual improvement of Quality of our products, processes and systems in order to meet the changing needs of customers from time to time.


The objective of our Quality program is to provide compliance-assurance resulting in enhancement of Quality, Safety and Efficacy/Efficiency of our products.

By the involvement of the employees at all levels, the company provides a high degree of assurance that every person is aware of the requirements and is doing his/her part to assure that each area within the company is in regulatory compliance.


The quality policy rests on following principles:

Regular training : Each employee acquires and updates the knowledge in the professional domain for which he/she is directly responsible and in the area of quality and safety.

Information flow : Fulfillment of demands in a timely and faultless manner requires exchange of information accurately with superior, subordinate, colleague and customer.

cGMP: All activities having impact on quality are carried out in full compliance with cGMP principles in operation.

Hygiene: Each employee essentially learns and follows the instructions regarding hygiene.

Technological disciplines: All activities are carried out according to the standards operating procedures and the authorized manufacturing and controlled documentation in force.

Reliable documentation : Complete trace ability of the products and processes are assured by reliable documentation practice.

Message from Managing Director


2016 has brought in a new horizon for Pharma sector of Bangladesh. Two of the major pharma manufacturers of Bangladesh have received US FDA approval to sell their products in USA., perhaps one of the most lucrative markets of the world. This event has brought in a new dimesion in the pharmaceutical arena. All the big pharma manufacturers are now preparing to apply for US FDA. Also they are under market pressure to keep their brand value up to the mark with the US FDA approved companies. Pharmaceutical scenario of Bangladesh is fast changing in favor of regulated plants. One of the challenges of US FDA and other regulated market’s license is to source raw materials from audit approved factories. Audit approved by regulated bodies of USA and Europe. The policy requires the manufacturers to purchase APIs and other critical raw materials from audited factories. Hence, we are seeing new behavioral pattern in purchases. We have to upgrade our plant to meet standards Europe or USA. Hence, we need to plan now to stay competitive in the near future. Our cephalosporin products has not seen significant sales yet due to new policies set by our customers to d long term stability tests at least for 18 months. Hence we are yet to see significant sales from this plant. We are expecting a good turn over from this plant once the manufacturers approve our cephalosporin products. We have also constructing oncological API manufacturing unit. Oncology formulation plant is also under construction. Our associated concern AFC Health has signed agreement with American Oncology Institute to build three world class Cancer hospitals in Bangladesh. These will help us tremendously to take off in oncology related products. To faceoff incoming strong competition from new local manufacturers in coming years we have planned to build stronger and deep relationship with our customers by investing into forward end of the healthcare sector. I am cautiously optimistic about our next five years as we move forward. In this arduous journey we seek your kind cooperation and blessings. May Allah keep us all safe and prosperous.