AFC Plant Audits & Visits by our clients

SKF Audit team auditing our plant at Munshiganj.




Tree Plantation by Skf team at our Munshiganj factory site

ACI’s audit team

A group picture with ACI Audit team. ACI is one of the highly acclaimed pharma company in Bangladesh.

ACI’s audit team auditing our all manufacturing documentations.



Goldman Sach (Singapore) researching on us.

Managing Director of Goldman Sachs (Singapore) came to our factory to do research on us.

Bangladesh Society of Pharmaceutical Professionals visited our plant


Managing Director of Active Fine Chemicals Ltd. is receiving a crest in recognition of an Innovative Manufacturing business from Dhaka University Vice Chancellor Dr ASM Arefin.


Audited by Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Mrs Muktadir, our honorable chief guest is planting a tree to commemorate her visit to our factory.


Auditing our manufacturing records care fully.


Explaining the manufacturing processes.


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